Episode #2 – Diet Coke Gives You Cancer


Because… aspartame! And formaldehyde! And all those other scary-sounding chemicals!

Podcast note: Annika suggested a strong a causal link between consuming sugar and developing Type 2 diabetes. While there is a clear correlation, it is more correct to say that a high intake of calories of any type (fat, sugar or protein) has a causal relationship with Type 2 diabetes. This does not mean you can eat as much sugar as you like, because sugar is high is calories, but this is where the link between diabetes and sugar ends. SO while excessive sugar intake can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes, so can excessive intake of other any other high-in-calorie foods.


It is, however, true that a diet high in sugar can be dangerous to people who are already diabetic.

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Music intro and outro is Hello by OMFG.


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