Episode #1 – Getting Cold Gives You a Cold

ituneslogoBlocked nose, sore throat, pounding head and aching bones… having the common cold isn’t a whole lot of fun for anybody. You’re most likely to come down with a cold in winter. So it stands to reason that you get a cold because, well, you got too cold… right?

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Love, Annika & Luciano

[episode note/correction: Rhinovirus and other viruses which cause the common cold do not use reverse transcription and genome integration to replicate – although many types of viruses do (such as HIV and retroviruses). Rhinovirus, on the other hand, hijacks the host cell’s own transcription machinery and uses this directly on its own RNA to make its viral proteins – no reverse transcription required.] 128px-Feed-icon.svg

Music intro and outro is Hello by OMFG.


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